As an independent UK-based online store, Vanished Eras seeks to offer an enticing variety of genuine antique, vintage and retro pieces, together with a selection of preloved post-vintage and new vintage-inspired items, to suit a broad spectrum of tastes and pockets.
Since we first opened our doors in 2006, we have served a wide range of British and international customers, ranging from casual shoppers and interior designers to serious specialist collectors and genealogists searching for items relating to their family histories.

The first item ever sold at vanishederas.com -
a Victorian treen pocket watch stand
Whilst we sell many different types of antiques and collectables (including antiquarian and vintage books and paper ephemera, ceramics and glassware, old advertising and packaging, Bakelite and early plastics, kitchenalia, and vintage lampshades), our chief focus is on articles which are redolent of bygone times, and/or which - irrespective of age and style - are visually appealing in their own right.
Over the years, as the contents of our
Testimonials page will show, we have built up a sound reputation among our many satisfied customers for the quality and accuracy of our item descriptions, our prompt and friendly customer service (we aim to dispatch all orders within two working days of receipt of cleared payment), and - perhaps most of all - our high standard of packing, especially for fragile items. You can therefore order from us in complete confidence that, as far as it is in our power to ensure it, your purchases will reach you in reasonable time and in the same condition as described.
Please do not hesitate to
get in touch with us if you require further information about any item that we have for sale - or even if you are looking for some particular treasure that we do not currently have in stock, as it is always possible that we might come across it in our travels. In any case, whether or not you choose to order from our site, we hope you find your visit to Vanished Eras so interesting, informative and enjoyable that you want to tell your friends and family about us!


To hear an early 20th century hymn tune played on this antique Dominion reed organ (not for sale!), please click on the photo (link to YouTube video).
For more videos of vintage hymns, Victorian temperance songs etc., visit
Peter Tylor's YouTube channel.
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Since childhood, my deep-seated interest in the past has led me to seek to accumulate objects from bygone eras. Starting with a pair of vintage biscuit tins - previously used by my Mum for storing pencils - at the tender age of seven or eight, I soon turned my attentions to bottles, coins and early electrical fittings (the last of which I still collect), and in my early to mid-teens I was well known at the local car boot sales and charity shops, various antique and second-hand shops, and the flea markets in Truro, as a compulsive buyer of early packaging, Victorian religious texts, 1930s imitation tortoiseshell dressing table sets, 1960s lampshades and much else besides.
Having studied History at the University of York, I spent two enjoyable years working - mostly on a voluntary basis - at archives in Cornwall, London and York, with the aim of securing a place on a postgraduate Archive Administration course. Not succeeding in this, I eventually decided to turn my hobby of many years into a career - and, incidentally, to follow in my great-grandmother's footsteps - by opening an antiques shop. Unlike my ancestor's business, however, mine would be located in cyberspace; not only would an online store have a much wider potential customer base than the average "bricks and mortar" business, but the starting-up and running costs would be considerably lower. After some deliberation, the name "Vanished Eras" - being memorable, and having a suitably upmarket “ring” - was settled upon; incredibly, it did not seem to have been taken by anyone else, and “vanishederas.com” had not been registered as a domain name. Much of my initial stock would consist of pieces I had amassed over the previous fifteen or twenty years; meanwhile, I began to buy fresh stock at local auctions and elsewhere.
Our original logo (2007-17) - designed by Tim Tylor
After several months of preparation, Vanished Eras opened for business in December 2006. Since then, we have sold many period pieces of all kinds to a wide range of customers, mainly from within the United Kingdom, but also from Europe, America, Australia and elsewhere. Some have bought for their own collections, or those of friends or family. Others have come to us for items that they required for use: for instance, one of our early customers replenished her depleted stock of 1950s hair grips of a type she deemed superior to modern ones, whilst another found a pair of Bakelite door knobs to match the originals in her 1930s house. However, it gives us especial satisfaction to be able to reunite people with items fondly remembered from childhood, or with artefacts related to their former employers or family history; one of the first items ever sold on our website - a vintage "Russian Violets" perfume sachet - was purchased by a descendant of its original manufacturer.
I would like to acknowledge the help and support given by various family members, without which this venture would not have been possible - especially my brother Tim, who spent many hours formulating the original design template for this site (now superseded by one provided by our hosts EKM) and working on its technical aspects, and my parents, for their continued interest in and respective contributions to the success of the enterprise.
Thank you for visiting our site - I hope you enjoy browsing the many tempting treasures we have to offer!
Peter Tylor
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